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Charrise Barron

African American Studies, with a primary field in Religion

Charrise Barron is a doctoral student in African American Studies. Her research interests are in modern gospel music in all forms of presentation and media. She is concerned not only with the unique schemata of gospel music, but also with the cultural production and religious phenomena related to gospel music from the late 1960s (when “Oh Happy Day” was released) up to the present day. Consequently, her research interests are both historical and sociological. Religion is her primary field, while she also has strong interests in ethnomusicology. Charrise received her Bachelor of Arts cum laude in Computer Science from Harvard in 1998 and her Master of Divinity summa cum laude from Yale’s Divinity School and Institute of Sacred Music in 2010. She is also a gospel singer, musician, and songwriter, and an ordained Christian minister.