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Patrick Vinck

Lecturer on African and African American Studies

Visiting Scientist, Department of Global Health and Population

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Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, 14 Story Street
(617) 495-4113
Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
14 Story Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Dr. Vinck, Ph.D. is a Research Scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health and Associate Faculty with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI). Before joining HHI in 2011, he directed and co-founded the Initiative for Vulnerable Populations at UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Center, where he focused on managing and implementing empirical studies on the process of social reconstruction in countries affected by mass violence. His work is informed by several years of experience working on development projects in Africa. Vinck also-cofounded KoBo, a digital data collection project to advance human rights research. He serves as a member on the Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; an Adjunct Associate Professor at Tulane University’s Payson Center for International Development; and a regular consultant on vulnerability analysis to the United Nations World Food Programme. His work has been published in journals covering a wide range of disciplines, including political science, social science, public health and medicine. He graduated as an engineer in applied biological sciences from Gembloux Agricultural University (Belgium), and holds a Ph.D. in International Development from Tulane University.